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  • Bryan P. (Friday, June 10 22 07:09 pm EDT)

    Our experience was great. We needed a new hot water heater and Gayson plumbing got to us same day to check it out. Ryan installed our new heater. He was great - quick, polite and didn't leave any mess. Thanks!

  • George D. (Monday, April 04 22 03:45 pm EDT)

    Crew was polite, neat (took care to prevent possible damage to surrounding area), punctual. Would highly recommend.

  • Tom G (Wednesday, July 07 21 05:28 am EDT)

    Outstanding company. Great job!

  • Thomas Graef (Tuesday, July 06 21 03:26 pm EDT)

    Great bunch of guys, worked like crazy on a really hot day. Great experience and a breath of fresh air. Will recommend Gayson every single time

  • Dan Dutton (Saturday, April 03 21 01:36 pm EDT)

    Our clothes washer hose bibs (faucets) started leaking when I shut them off to remove old hoses in prep for a new washer coming the next day.
    Jack Gayson Plumbing had a guy here within an hour to install new, quarter turn faucets.
    The gentleman, Jose, was very efficient and respectful of property (placing drop cloth, removing drained out water).
    I was told he would be here before 3pm. Jose was here before 2pm and the work was completed in almost 15 minutes, at a reasonable price.
    We will definitely keep them “on the list.”

  • Dan Dutton (Saturday, April 03 21 01:35 pm EDT)

    Our clothes washer hose bibs (faucets) started leaking when I shut them off to remove old hoses in prep for a new washer coming the next day.
    Jack Gayson Plumbing had a guy here within an hour to install new, quarter turn faucets.
    The gentleman, Jose, was very efficient and respectful of property (placing drop cloth, removing drained out water).
    I was told he would be here before 3pm. Jose was here before 2pm and the work was completed in almost 15 minutes, at a reasonable price.
    We will definitely keep them “on the list.”

  • Laura (Sunday, February 21 21 04:42 pm EST)

    Dear Jack,
    I wanted to let you know we have been your customers for about 20 years now! It all started back when we had purchased our first house in Garden City- a nightmare of a house to say the least! It had many problems and one was the old steam/ radiator heat that would clang and bang and periodically needed the system drained to relieve the pressure. Your guys would come over to take care of it. The house also had an old boiler. At the time I had very young children and my husband traveled a lot. One cold winter night I was alone and the kids were already tucked in bed I realized that the house was getting colder- we had no heat. It was after hours, and I truly believed it was an emergency so I called the emergency number. Shortly after leaving the message I got a call back from a very calm, patient and knowledgeable man. Not sure if it was you or not! This guy was able to calm my nerves and talk me through some diagnostics to try and pinpoint the problem. I remember him being able to describe to me what I was looking at and things to look for all while being over the phone!! I don't remember if we fixed the problem that night but I do remember the compassion to earnestly want to help me and the thoroughness and knowledge this man had of the mechanics. I especially remember the kindness and patience he had to exhibit to talk me through it all! That night left an impression on me that not only were your company employees really knowledgeable and good at what they do but they were also really caring people! I have never forgotten that emergency call!
    We have since moved from that home into a different home in GC. Our kids are no longer babies and I still call Gayson plumbing for all of our plumbing repairs. I may have to get through the screening of the ladies that answer the phone but I always know that once they dispatch one of your guys that the plumbing/ heating/ cooling issue will be resolved! Thank you for bringing me peace of mind on that cold winter's night many years ago as well as all the other countless times I have called your company since.

    Laura Marooney

  • Holly Adams (Tuesday, February 09 21 06:25 pm EST)

    I just left a very enthusiastic review on our local FB Group. THANK YOU. We woke up this morning to 55 degrees and by end of day our system was back up and running, and everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. Whoever answers your phones needs a special award, she knows everything!

  • Glenn K. (Friday, December 18 20 03:14 pm EST)

    Very impressed and satisfied. The entire process was excellent from the estimate to the installation, everyone was fantastic. I understand everything and any questions were answered with a quick phone call to the office.

  • Anne R. (Friday, November 20 20 03:23 pm EST)

    Absolutely the very best.

  • Megan Becker (Monday, September 07 20 03:37 pm EDT)

    Converted from oil to gas at the beginning of August. The entire crew was professional, polite, and efficient. Couldn’t have been happier! Would recommend Grayson Plumbing to anyone!

  • M. Becker (Friday, August 14 20 12:32 pm EDT)

    The crew worked so hard - we never saw them stop. They were all friendly and polite. We would highly recommend to anyone!

  • Brian A. Carey (Wednesday, July 17 19 02:02 pm EDT)

    Searching for the best plumber can be a very difficult task.
    From first hand experience, I can unequivocally say that Jack Gayson
    Plumbing is always my only choice.
    Over 35 years of experience speaks much. You will find the whole firm to be very patient and
    certainly very professional.
    They will be very attentive to your
    needs and you will be happy that you called Gayson.
    If you feel the need for verification,
    my e-mail is bacimr@hotmail.com.
    Brian A. Carey

  • Donna Caccavale (Sunday, November 18 18 10:45 am EST)

    Jack did a great job when my air-conditioning broke. The needed part was not available for a few weeks so he pulled a MacGyver and rigged something temporary. I never had that kind of service response before. Shortly after that he replaced 2 furnaces in my house and his crew did a great job!! I highly recommend this company.

  • Deirdre D (Wednesday, July 25 18 08:16 am EDT)

    I have been a customer of Gayson plumbing for many years. They
    are always prompt, reliable, honest,
    and professional. What more could you ask for! Recently had an issue and I couldn't say enough about Joe and Kevin.

  • Rosalie Edlinger (Wednesday, February 07 18 09:03 pm EST)

    I was more than pleased with my service from the receptionist Laurie to the mechanics Ryan and J.K. they were all professional, knowledgeable. The mechanics installed my new water heater without a hitch. in a snowy day they were clean,courteous,and knew what they were doing. I would recommend Jack Gayson plumbing to everyone and I am thrilled I finally have a plumber I can count on.

  • Richard Kotowski (Saturday, April 15 17 10:16 am EDT)

    The Gayson name is backed up by the Owner Jack Gayson. Had a boiler problem went from oil to gas and the Gayson staff could not have been more helpful. Not only did they choose a boiler that was covered the gas company but it had rebates, so the cost was less than quoted. The plumbers were neat and clean they removed the old boiler in one day. Installed a new much more efficient boiler it has been running with no problem and is saving me money. I would recommend this company to any one they stand behind there word. Plus they offered a very reasonable service contract.

  • Alice P. (Friday, November 04 16 11:10 am EDT)

    Jose was very efficient and knows what he is doing. He completed the job in a timely fashion and left the work site in a clean condition.

  • George C. (Thursday, October 27 16 09:20 am EDT)

    Pleasure to work with from start to finish. Everything explained.

  • Al & Betty Z. (Wednesday, October 26 16 03:45 pm EDT)

    We had updates made to our heating system. Jose was excellent. Professional, knowledgeable, polite and clean. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

  • Anonymous (Tuesday, October 11 16 04:22 pm EDT)

    Helpful and prompt. Also called ahead to offer me some savings on parts needed.

  • Diane M. (Monday, March 14 16 01:45 pm EDT)

    The conversion of my heating system from oil to gas was an extensive job. Every aspect of it was handled professionally. The skill of all the men who worked on different aspects of the job was very
    impressive. They put in a very long day, cheerfully, to complete the installation.

  • Joseph G. (Thursday, February 18 16 08:17 am EST)

    Workers were professional and clean. Cleanup after work was completed inside and out.

  • Jessica Ferruso (Wednesday, February 10 16 10:12 am EST)

    I have used Gayson Plumbing for all of my homes plumbing needs. They are honest, quick to respond, and always so helpful!! Just recently they replaced our hot water heater that was leaking and not
    producing hot water. They answered all our questions and were so quick to come and replace it. Also, they were very reasonably priced. We are definitely customers for life!!

  • James D. (Monday, December 28 15 10:21 am EST)

    Very neat and professional final product.

  • Kamalam (Tuesday, December 22 15 12:37 pm EST)

    I highly recommend Joe. He did a really great job. Thank you for your services.

  • Thomas Graef (Monday, December 21 15 11:13 am EST)

    I always call Gayson Plumbing. They are professional, reliable, clean and courteous. I recommend Gayson Plumbing to all my friends and family.

  • A. Russo (Tuesday, December 15 15 08:43 am EST)

    Thanks Jack & Karen for 24 years of great service!!!

  • Anonymous (Tuesday, December 01 15 02:14 pm EST)

    Excellent service, great job by all. Thanks.

  • Lucretia Campagna (Saturday, November 14 15 11:25 am EST)

    I'm a resident of mineola and have been for 23 years, when it came to choosing a plumber Gayson's came highly recommended and i have used them since.. Each one of his workers have been nothing but
    gentleman and trust worthy!!

  • Charles Turneer (Wednesday, November 04 15 02:01 pm EST)

    Called because of a small leak and had a service technician there within 3 hours. He was on time, pleasant, informative, and had the work completed and cleaned up within an hour. I would recommend
    this company to looking for superior plumbing services.

  • Edward G. (Tuesday, October 20 15 01:09 pm EDT)

    It was a pleasure to have your company in my home. The men completed the job and cleaned up after themselves. I will be recommending this company.

  • Anonymous (Saturday, October 10 15 10:17 am EDT)

    A hassle free home improvement experience. They took care of everything from installation to the paperwork.

  • Rose S. (Tuesday, August 25 15 12:53 pm EDT)

    Thank you for another job well done.

  • Kenneth S. (Wednesday, July 22 15 08:08 am EDT)

    Marcos & Jose were excellent plumbers. Drop cloths were put down & they cleaned all areas of work. Marcos had to climb into a small crawl space to find & fix a very small gas leak!

  • H.R. (Wednesday, July 08 15 03:05 pm EDT)

    I am more than satisfied with my experience with Gayson Plumbing Team. The office staff are thorough and very understanding of individuals needs. They find a way to create a win-win situation to
    enhance the consumer experience while providing quality service. The field crew are punctual, knowledgeable, and committed to do well and in a timely manner.

  • Diane B. (Wednesday, January 28 15 11:40 am EST)

    I found the service men extremely polite and ready to explain in full any questions I had. They worked very hard and remained courteous and cheerful.

  • Robert E. (Tuesday, January 06 15 08:05 am EST)

    The team that installed our new gas boiler and water heater were courteous, professional and neat. We are very satisfied with the entire process from the initial visit to the installation of the new
    heating system.

  • Janet P. (Tuesday, December 16 14 01:36 pm EST)

    From the estimate to installation of the equipment and getting the permits, I was treated professionally and felt like I was in trustworthy hands.

  • Anonymous (Wednesday, December 03 14 03:05 pm EST)

    Polite, Professional, Friendly, Helpful

  • Richard H. (Saturday, November 22 14 09:52 am EST)

    Have used Gayson for all our plumbing issues and its been perfect everytime.

  • Susan & Dave S. (Friday, October 17 14 10:18 am EDT)

    Installation of a complex boiler system was completed quickly and smoothly. The service men left the premises extremely clean. We would definitely recommend to anyone.

  • M. LoCicero (Monday, September 22 14 07:41 am EDT)

    The men were fantastic. They finished the job in one day.

  • Marcus & Kathy W. (Wednesday, July 30 14 07:50 am EDT)

    The service men were very knowledgeable and professional. Upon the completion of the job the work area was cleaned to satisfaction. Good work.

  • Anita S. (Wednesday, June 18 14 11:30 am EDT)

    The job was labor intensive yet the team worked well day after day! And I was happy with the final outcome. I recommend Jack Gayson Plumbing.

  • Youngshick L. (Friday, January 17 14 08:49 am EST)

    I like new heating system you installed. Much better than the old oil heating system.

  • Anonymous (Tuesday, January 07 14 09:17 am EST)

    Jose and his team of men were excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable. They took extra time to do the job correctly without taking shortcuts. When they left they cleaned and left the house

  • Gabriela M. (Thursday, December 26 13 02:55 pm EST)

    Knowledgeable/Recommended the appropriate equipment and with most competitive price.

  • John M. (Monday, December 02 13 04:28 pm EST)

    So far happy with the service.

  • John T. (Thursday, November 21 13 07:52 am EST)

    Was totally satisfied with all aspects of the job.

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